Daniel Naaman

Professional, Creative & Cheap Website Developer


Daniel Naaman - Professional, Creative & Cheap Website Developer, that's not my motto for no reason. I provide my clients with professional coding services that will satisfty them. I always aim to reach the perfect results out of my work. Little about me, my name is Daniel Naaman, graduated a while ago and now developing websites. I own a hosting company and I am partnered with many domain registrars. I mostly design and build my websites with frameworks for basic things such as Bulma, Skeleton and Bootstrap, But I always try to keep my code as clean as possible from not needed libraries. My websites are responsive and customizeable, also they all come with free hosting for one year from the end of the job.

Why Me


Every website that I create gets free hosting provided by me for no additional costs!


I provide prices that fit every pocket and are friendly to everyone.


My clients are eligble to cheap registrations provided by my suppliers.

DNS & Forwarding

I setup DNS and forwarding for free to all of my clients!


I will gladly answer your questions, please contact me through this form: