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Responsive Websites

I guarantee full responsiveness with every site I deliver.

Affordable Rates

Affordable Rates

My rates are affordable and very good value for the quality of work.

Faster Load Times

Faster Load Times

My websites are coded from scratch with effiecency in mind.

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

Full transparency is guaranteed throughout the proccess, including pricing and shedules.


With an extensive background in programming, website development and hosting services, I provide my clients with professional coding services, mostly to their satisfaction.

Having perfection in mind, I develop websites, own a hosting company and am partnered with many domain registrars.

I provide a comprehensive package of website development, including designing, hosting, registering a domain name and support.



Daniel is a great friend and a great developer. He always helps me when I require his assistance and always does it the best way he could. His knowledge is impressive and his skills are no less than that. He's also an excellent Hosting Provider and System Administrator, from my past expirience with him I can recommend him for any kind of job he agrees to take upon himself!

Alon L.

In my life I had the chance to work with many great Website Developers, Daniel is one of them. I enjoyed professional service, quality results and made a friend for life. I trully think that Daniel is one of the best people to work with because of his professionalism and the love for what he does.

Lior S.

Daniel is an amazing freelancer, I ordered a website from him and got back exactly what I wanted. He is quick and an honest person, qualities we wish everyone had.

Derrick V.

I've worked with Daniel several times in the past, he is an excellent System Administrator, Website Developer and Manager. I think that picking Daniel will be a wise choice, I know mine was.

Dori L.

When it comes to Website Development, Daniel is the best! Daniel has made landing pages for my advertisement campaign that looked awesome! Eventually, after enjoying such a great service I hired him again to develop my personal website. I trully recommend working with Daniel, he is good with what he does and he is very professional.

Michael C.